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     At the same time, the emissions rise into our atmosphere and move all around the world, creating layers of “dirty air” high up in our atmosphere. This “dirty air” creates what is called a thermal blanket. The thermal blanket keeps our earth warm (just like blankets keep us warm on a cold day). That might seem like a good thing, but our earth has a natural process for keeping its temperature perfect for nature and natural process. The thermal blanket created by emissions is not natural. This blanket may make the earth too warm. If the earth is too warm, plants and animals may die. It can also change the natural processes which determine the places and times that rain falls, the amount of rain that falls, where it is going to be too hot or too cold, and all of our other weather patterns. Over time, if the earth’s temperature rises even one or two degrees, trees, plants and animals (including us) will have to change the way they live and grow. The global temperature will be too high and the rain and temperature patterns change. The rise in global temperature is called global warming.