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  Cell is the basic unit of all living thing. Some organisms are made up of a single (only one) cell, like bacteria, while others are made up of millions of cells, like animals, birds etc. The single celled organisms are known as unicellular organisms and others are called multi cellular organisms.



A cell has the following main components (called organelles)


Membrane - This is the outer boundary of the cell. It allows some substances in and keeps others out.


Mitochondria - This is where the cell gets its energy. In the human body, food we have digested reacts with oxygen in the mitochondria to make energy for the cell.

Ribosomes - Ribosomes are like tiny factories that make different things the cell needs to function, like proteins.

Nucleus - The nucleus is the brains of the cell. It uses chromosomes to instruct the rest of the cell what to do next.

Cytoplasm - This is the stuff that fills up the rest of the cell. The other components of the cell float around in the cytoplasm. It's mostly water.

Lysosomes - These guys clean up the place getting rid of waste and other unwanted substances that may get into the cell.

Fun Facts About Cells

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