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Bacteria are the simplest of living creatures. Bacteria live everywhere. They are in the bread you eat, the soil that plants grow in, and even inside of you. They are very simple cells that fall under the heading prokaryotic. That word means they do not have an organized nucleus. Bacteria are small single cells whose whole purpose in life is to replicate. Their cell structure is unique in that they don't have a nucleus and most bacteria have cell walls similar to plant cells. They come in all sorts of shapes including rods, spirals, and spheres. Some bacteria can "swim" around using long tails called flagella. Others just hang out or glide along.

Here it is important to learn that Bacteria is plural form and the singular form is bacterium.

Basically Bacteria are three shapes

Basically, they are exists in three basic shapes. Spherical, rod and spiral. In spherical form, bacteria are in the spheres or balls like and form chains of cells like a row of circles. Rod shaped bacteria are look like the E. coli living in your intestine. They can make chains like a set of linked sausages. Spiral shaped bacteria twist a little. Think about balloon animals for these shapes. It's like a balloon animal in the shape of a corkscrew.