Title of Thesis

Soil conditions and wilt diseases in plants with special reference to Fusarium vasinfectum on cotton.  


C.V. Subramanian



Prof. T.S. Sadasivan






Fusarium vasinfectum , causal agent of wilt in cotton was isolated from diseased samples. Their pathogenicity was tested on susceptible cotton plants, in both sterile and ordinary soil. The fungus did not grow in unsterile soil, since the pathogen was attacked and decomposed by antagonistic organisms, especially bacteria. A study of saprophytic activity of the pathogen was also made. A study of relative colonizing capacity of F. vasinfectum and other fungi, with special reference to their cellulose decomposing capacity, showed that Fusarium colonization was prevented in the presence of certain fungi.



Wilt diseases, soil compatibility, F.vasinfectum, cotton wilt.