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Marine bacteria use light to lure plankton and fish
  Scientists coax shy microorganisms to stand out in a crowd
  Viruses con bacteria into working for them
  Ocean microbe communities changing, but long-term environmental impact is unclear
  Hearty bacteria help make case for life in the extreme
  Bacteria collaborate to sense arsenic
  Spacebound bacteria inspire Earthbound remedies
  Glowing, blinking bacteria reveal how cells synchronize biological clocks
  E. coli engineered to produce record - setting amounts of alternative fuel
  Jellyfish blooms shunt food energy from fish to bacteria
  Novel microorganism ‘Nitrososphaera viennensis’ isolated
  Hunting for deadly bacteria

Genomic comparison of ocean microbes reveals East-West divide in populations  

  Detecting pathogens in waterways: an improved approach
  UV light nearly doubles vacuum’s effectiveness in reducing carpet microbes
  Like humans, amoebae pack a lunch before they travel
  Hitchhiking bacteria can go against the flow 
  Metal-mining bacteria are green chemists
  Some trees ‘farm’ bacteria to help supply nutrients
  Sewage water bacteria: ‘missing link’ in early evolution of life on Earth
  Do our bodies bacteria play matchmaker!
  House-sharing with microbes
  World's largest, most complex marine virus is major player in Ocean ecosystems
  Microorganisms in the ground don’t slack off in winter
  Bacteria gauge cold with molecular measuring stick
  Soil microbes produce less atmospheric CO2 than expected with climate warming 
  Microbial answer to plastic pollution
  Bacterial genes that improve plant growth by 40% identified
  Microorganisms in toxic groundwater fine - tuned to survive
  Tiny marine microbes exert influence on Global climate: Microorganisms display a behavior characteristic of larger animals
  Microbes produce fuels directly from biomass
  How ocean bacterium turns carbon into fuel
  Researchers synchronize blinking ‘Genetic Clocks’ using bacteria
  The past and present of Microbial Taxonomy
  Marine Micorbes and Earth's Habitality
  Microbial Energy Conversion Paths
  High hopes on Biofuels
  Indigenous species reported to degrade petroleum hydrocarbon
  Bioremediation application
  Climate change - power point
  Microbes book
  The undiscovered oceans
  The Warming of the Earth
  Microbes may help fossilize ancient embryos
MICROBES in Sickness and in Health
  Microbial Biotechnology
  Silica Algae Reveal How Ecosystems React To Climate Changes
  Death and life beneath the sea floor
  Buckyballs do antimicrobial magic
  Early galaxies surprise with size
  Unexplored Microbes Hold Incredible Potential for Science and Industry
  Wild Mushrooms Pics Featured in Online Fungi Guide


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