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Probiotics for Water quality
management in aquaculture ponds
Sujatha. V & Munuswamy. N
Department of Zoology, University of Madras,
Guindy Campus, Chennai – 600 025.
Email Id: munuswamynm@yahoo.com

Recently, we have documented the use of a newer probiotic Tetragenococcus halophilus to combat a variety of pathogenic bacteria horbour in aquaculture ponds. Our experimental trails clearly explain the complete lysis of pathogenic bacterial cells (Vibro parahaemolyticus) by T.halophilus with its bactericidal activity (See Figures). The antibacterial substances of T.halophilus have been isolated, characterized and also tested against antibiotics, generally used to control diseases of aquatic organisms. This bacterial strain seems to be resistant to most of the antibiotics. Besides, these bacterial strains are known to improve the water quality by reducing ammonia, nitrate and nitrite in the pond effluent, after treatment with the bacterial strains. Therefore, we suggest that T.halophilus can be used as a potential probiotic as they inhibit the activity of pathogenic bacteria and improve the water quality of Aquaculture systems.

1.The intact cells of V.parahaemolyticus

2. Note Complete lysis of V.parahaemolyticus cells by
T.halophilus (arrows)

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