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Abstract Database

 Enzyme & Techniques  Taxonomy
 Microbial communication  Physiology
 Bioprocess engineering  Bioremediation
 Microbial Biotechnology  Biodegradation
 Antimicrobial compounds  Microbial Ecology
 Archaea  Microbes & Soil Fertility
 Microbial fermentation  Microbes & Plants Growth
 Viral theraphy  Microbes & Metals Interaction
 Microbes and Food Spoilage  Microbes & Radionuclide Pollution
 Biocontrol  Marine Biodiversity
 Microbial enzyme  Biopesticides
 Biofouling  Genetically Modified Crops
 Bioinformatics on environment microbial resources  Organic Farming
 Biopesticides  Climate Change
 DNA Barcoding  Sustainable Development Networking Programme
 Pathogens  Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control

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