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Vol. 19 Issue 1 Jan. - Mar. 2021

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Department of Zoology, University of Madras
Chennai, India

Vol. 19 Issue 1 Jan. - Mar. 2021 - ISSN-0974-1550

Dear Readers,



          From the Coordinator’s Desk!

Dear Readers,

         Heavy metals contamination in the ecosystem is one of the most important environmental and health challenges at present in our society. With growing need for the development of novel, efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective approach for the remediation of inorganic metals (Cr, Hg, Cd, and Pb) released into the environment and to safeguard the ecosystem; recent advances in microbes-base heavy metal degradation have propelled bioremediation as a prospective alternative toward conventional techniques. Heavy metals are non-biodegradable and could be toxic to microbes. Many microorganisms have evolved with detoxification mechanisms in their arsenal to counter the toxic effects of these inorganic metals. This issue contains a review article that focus on the microbe mediated remediation of heavy metals in soil that briefly describes effects, bioremediation and metal-microbe interaction with future prospects.

         This issue also includes reports on a new method for fluorescence microscopy, microbiologists view on soil health equally important as air and water, RNA imaging technique in live cells, biomarkers that could help determine who's at risk for severe COVID-19 symptoms and many other interesting topics for the readers. Stay safe and act with social responsibility against this COVID 19 pandemic.

Dr. C. Arulvasu

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Anaswara TharavanthedathSomadas, Arul Kumar Murugesan




Comb of a lifetime: A new method for fluorescence microscopy

Soil health is as environmentally important as air and water quality, say microbiologists


Super-resolution RNA imaging in live cells





Biomarkers that could help determine who's at risk for severe COVID-19 symptoms


Electric cable bacteria breathe oxygen with unheard efficiency


Color blindness-correcting contact lenses




Study provides first evidence of DNA collection from air


Abstracts of Recent Publications


Important E-resources on Microorganisms



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