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Vol. 17 ISSUE 2 Apr. - Jun. 2019

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Department of Zoology, University of Madras
Chennai, India

Vol. 17 Issue 2 Apr. - Jun. 2019 - ISSN-0974-1550

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          From the Coordinator’s Desk!

         From the Coordinator’s Desk! Dear Readers, Greetings! Water is the most important natural resource for life. People have been abusing and misusing water since long. Industrial wastes, garbage and other remains of used commodities have been getting dumped in rivers and oceans causing contamination of water. It is also contaminated by toxic chemicals discharged from factories, pesticides used in agriculture and so on. Due to the poor water supply system, mixing of sewage with the water supply line contaminates water used for drinking. Contaminated water has become a serious threat to human beings, fish and the animals. The poor and less developed countries are facing greater problem of water pollution as they have dilapidated water treatment and supply system and also lack in proper waste disposal system. The pollution in water could be measured based on chemical and biological indicators. We can not live with sewage strewn beaches, dead rivers, and fishes that are too poisonous to eat. Therefore we have to work together to keep the environment clean so that the plants, animals, and people who depend on it remain healthy.
         In this context, present issue contains a scientific article on preliminary investigation on quality of potable waters in Chennai city during 2019 summer through microbial indicators along with other interesting topics such as effects of intestinal bacteria on blood sugar and lipid levels, use of AI to detect patterns of gut microbes for predicting cholera risk, alteration of skin microbiome due to swimming in ocean, new compounds that control bacterial communications and many more.

Dr. C. Arulvasu

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World Oceans Day (8th June, 2019)

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Microbial Quality of Potable Waters During Summer in Chennai

N.K. Udaya Prakash, V. Subha Shree, S. Revathy, K. Tara Devi Sharma, K. Mohammed Yasar, A. Mohamed Azaruddin, J. Aswin, D. Santhosh, S. Aruna Devi, M. Priyadharshini and S. Bhuvaneswari


How intestinal bacteria can affect blood sugar and lipid levels

Kitchen towels could contribute to the growth of potential pathogens that cause food poisoning

AI detects patterns of gut microbes for cholera risk A hundred kinds of microbes out of 4,000 determine susceptibility to cholera


Turning up the heat on pathogenic bacteria

Ocean swimming alters skin microbiome, increasing vulnerability to infection

New compound allows bacterial communication to be controlled by light


Researchers reveal how bacteria can adapt to resist treatment by antibiotics

Natural environments favor 'good' bacteria

Abstract of Recent Publications

Important E-resources on Microorganisms



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