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Vol. 16 ISSUE 2 Apr. - Jun. 2018

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Department of Zoology, University of Madras
Chennai, India

Vol. 16 ISSUE 2 Apr. - Jun. 2018 - ISSN-0974-1550

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         The challenges faced by our environment are increasing day by day. Factors that influence these problems in environment are mainly due to the industrialization and urbanization. Excess of waste is generated which is improperly managed affecting various parts of the environment. Pollutants such as hazardous chemicals, toxins, pesticides, and other compounds produced are diverse and complex which is overwhelming in numbers. The fate of many of these pollutants in the environment is still unknown and treating these pollutants is also a socioeconomic burden to the society.
         In this context bioremediation offers possible solution to these problems both in sustaining the environment and removing the pollution. Microorganisms such as fungi, cyanobacteria, actinomycetes and various other bacteria are used as bioremediators which bioaccumulate or biodegrade the pollutants present in the environment. Though many research attempts are successful in identifying these potential remediators, it is only upto laboratory level and requires to be practically demonstrated its efficiency in fields.
         Aiming to provide insights into remediation of pollutants this issue contains a review article on the role of fungi in the biodegradation of pollutants along with various other reports on oil and plastic eating bacteria, biodegradable shoes, plastic recycling through its use in lithium-sulfur batteries, pollution munching microbes from swamp and many more interesting topics on the above theme.

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Role of fungi in biodegradation of pollutants – An overview

Arul Kumar Murugesan and Johnpaul Muthumary


An oil-eating bacterium that can help clean up pollution and spills

Microwaved plastic increases lithium-sulfur battery life span


Research shows how genetics can contribute for advances in 2G ethanol production



Fungi in fashion: Mushrooms and feathers combine in biodegradable shoes


Engineering a plastic-eating enzyme


Swamp microbe has pollution-munching power



Newly identified bacteria may help bees nourish their young

Abstract of Recent Publications

Important E-resources on Microorganisms



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