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Vol.14 ISSUE 3 Jul. - Sep. 2016

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Department of Zoology, University of Madras
Chennai, India

Vol.14 ISSUE 3 Jul. - Sep. 2016 - ISSN-0974-1550

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          Dear Readers, Greetings! With the exhaustion of non-renewable fossil fuels, climate change, industrial, mitigation and economic growth, it is increasingly understood and globally debated for an alternate sustainable renewable energy source. Limited production of energy from food crops and mostly oil seeds as biofuels does not meet the need of the existing demand. Over the time, concerns for renewable, carbon neutral, environmental friendly and economically sustainable alternate source of energy has been raised. In this hour of need, algae especially microalgae appears to be the only source that is capable of meeting the expected global demand as the oil productivity is more efficient than from the other plant sources. Biofuels such as methane, biodiesel, ethanol and several other types could be produced from microalgae. Apart from energy production microalgae can also be used for other applications such as sequestration of CO2, waste water treatment, human health care, aquaculture etc.
          In this context, the present issue includes an article on production of biofuel from microalgae, discusses the potential of a burgeoning alternative strategy: microalgae produced liquid fuels with other interesting topics such as algae in waste water treatment, its use in therapeutics, recent abstracts published on production of biofuels, its future and so on. Hope this issue would bring an impact on the importance of renewable energy.

Dr. C. Arulvasu

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International Day for Ozone Layer (16nd September, 2016)

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Microalgal Biomass Production: Lab-to-Land Practices at Bharathidasan University, India

N. Thajuddin*, E. Baldev and D. Mubarak Ali


Sunshine, seaweed helps to break down dye waste

Modified microalgae converts sunlight into valuable medicine


Can we save the algae biofuel industry?

Microalgae: Promising future resource?


Algae culture may hold key to cleaning up city's water bodies

Scientists seek key to converting algae to biofuel

New method for making biofuels is cheaper and better for the environment

Abstracts of Recent Publications

Important E-resources on Microorganisms


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