The Signs of Climate Change
a. Higher temperature              b. Droughts

c. Sea level rising                     d. Increased ocean acidity

a. Higher temperature: Greenhouse gases trap more heat in the Earth's atmosphere, resulted in the rise of global average temperatures. These higher temperature can also lead to a chain reaction of other changes in oceans, weather patterns, snow and ice, and plants and animals around the world. The major effects that higher temperatures have on people and the environment are agriculture, energy, water supplies, health, living things, forests related issues.

b. Droughts:
A drought is an extended period of dry weather caused by a lack of rain or snow. As temperatures rise due to global climate change, more moisture evaporates from land and water, leaving less water behind. Some places are getting more rain or snow to make up for it, but other places are getting less.

     The average temperature of the Earth is rising, but that's not the only way we can tell the climate is changing. Here are few signs of changes due to global warming: